Bulgaristan`da Staj Olanağı

Warmest Greetings from Varna University of Management, Bulgaria!

My name is Rosita Koleva and I am Head of International Mobility Office at VUM. 

It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that there are possibilities for Erasmus+ student mobilities for a traineeship at VUM. Please find all of the necessary information here.
Eligibility for the incoming mobile students 
  • Be registered as students of any of VUM partner universities located in the EU, Norway or Turkey
  • Have applied for and obtained approval for participation in an Erasmus+ mobility granted by the home institution
  • Have English language proficiency corresponding to at least level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that allows them to study and communicate freely during their mobility at VUM
  • Have a good knowledge of VUM
  • Be highly motivated to participate
  • Be familiar with the Erasmus+ Student Charter


The application documents to be emailed to erasmus@vumk.eu include:

1. Application Form duly filled out by the student

2. Transcript of Records issued by the home institution

3. Accommodation form (to be sent to erasmus@vumk.eu)

4. Copy of the student’s European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Non-EU citizens are expected to provide a copy of medical insurance valid for the EU and Bulgaria for the period of the planned Erasmus+ mobility.

5. CV in Europass format: based on the information provided in the CV, VUM International Mobility Office invites the applicant for a skype interview to identify his/her preferences and motivation concerning the prospective placement. Depending on VUM administrative departments’ current needs, VUM International Mobility Office will make an internship offer to the applicant student listing the main tasks and activities to be completed during the placement as well as the main skills and knowledge to be acquired as a result of the placement. Students and their sending institutions will be given 3 weeks to accept and reject the placement offer made by VUM.

6. Learning Agreement for Traineeship: once the placement offer made by VUM has been accepted by the student and his/her sending institution, VUM International Mobility Office will proceed to prepare a draft of the Learning Agreement for Training. The final content of the Agreement shall be agreed by all three parties: VUM, the student to participate in an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement at VUM as well as the sending institution). Information on how to fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeship could be found here


Detailed information on this accommodation opportunity could be found here
We will be happy to be able to accommodate candidates for Erasmus+ student mobility for traineeship from your institution for the academic year 2019/2020.

We will be looking forward to receiving the Application documents and the CVs of candidates from your university to come and join us for their internship. 

If you have any questions or if any additional information is required, we remain at your disposal!

We wish you a lovely day ahead!

Kind regards,

Rosita Koleva
Head of International Mobility Office